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  Either by design (I hope) or accident (I'll take what I can get), you have managed to find yourself on the Home Page of my website. Regardless of how you got here, I'm glad you made it and I hope you can stick around for a bit and check out some of the pages.
  You can find some of my stories in the "Free Reads" section, see where to get your hands on some of my published work in the "Blatant Self-Promotion" area and learn a bit about me in...well...the "About Me" section, of course.
  Please keep in mind that this site is a work in progress and that I am not a web guru. Hopefully, I will get all kinds of cool and interesting things on here, but I make no promises about that. I will promise that, if you like horror fiction, a bit of humor and/or stuff that's just a bit off, you will enjoy my stories. And since the ones posted here are free, all it will cost you is a bit of your time. Now and again you will also find suspense stories, thrillers and general literary works posted here. It just kind of depends on my mood and when you happen to visit.
  I ask that you also check into the published work on the self-promotion page. Some of it I get paid for (through royalties) and some of it is just a nice way for you to support the ever dwindling, horror publishing community.
  If you like what you see here, please tell your friends, relatives and neighbors. Hell...tell the checkout girl at the grocery store, your mailman and anybody else who might listen. Frankly, I don't care if you have to bribe them; just get people to the site.
  Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy it.

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